Hey there, folks! The name’s Daniel Foster, and I’m your guide to all things multimeter-related here at Multimeter101.com.

I’m a Stanford-educated electrical engineer with a knack for fixing problems, big and small. When it comes to my tool of choice, let’s just say my multimeter is never too far from my reach. In fact, I’ve tested, tinkered, and toyed with almost every brand out there, making me somewhat of a multimeter master. But don’t let the title go to my head – I’m just a guy who’s passionate about helping others unlock the power of these incredible devices.

That’s why I founded Multimeter101.com – to share my love for multimeters with anyone who’s interested in learning. From beginners to experts, there’s always something new to discover in the world of multimeters, and I’m here to guide you every step of the way.

Through my blog posts, I aim to educate and entertain in equal measure. Whether I’m diving into the technical details of a particular multimeter model or sharing my personal experiences with these trusty tools, I always bring a sense of humor and a conversational tone to the table. Learning should never be boring, and with me as your guide, you’re guaranteed a fun ride.

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